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Sports Betting in Quebec

Quebec has one of the largest populations in Canada, and its growing population enjoys rich sports betting options. Essentially, there are several exciting online and in-site sportsbooks in Quebec, and they all offer their customers world-class betting options from popular local and international competitions. This guide reviews Quebec’s best sports betting options and how you can enjoy the sensational gambling experience.

What kind of sports betting is there in Quebec?

Sports betting options in Quebec used to be streamlined until Canada passed laws regulating single-game betting options and gave the players access to better betting options like the following: 


Moneyline is one of the most popular sports betting options because it allows the players to place their bet on the winner of the game. This option requires minimal effort from the players as they can rely on their knowledge of the game when deciding who to place their bet on. The only challenge with this system is that the team with the higher winning chances typically has negative odds, while the underdog often has favourable odds. So you may have lesser winning chances when you place your bet on an underdog, but your cashout would be bigger if the team wins. Moneyline is also popular because players can place their bets before the game starts or as an in-game option.  


Spreads is similar to moneyline because the punters have to place their bets on whether one team would win the game. But the basic difference between Moneyline and Spreads is that the Spread option offers equal odds to both teams. Unlike Moneyline, which separates the underdog from the favourite, spreads maintain the same odds for both teams giving players equal cashout amount no matter who wins.


Most punters know Totals as the Over/Under options. Here, you don’t bet on the team that wins but on the total scores in the game. Players can place their bets on whether or not both teams would score over or under a number. Totals are probably the favourite sports betting option in Quebec because it does not require players to know the exact score. 

Instead, punters can bet that the teams would score over 59.5 goals or over 1.5 points. The bookmaker usually sets the over/under ahead of each game, but players can also set their over/under for some in-game activities, like the number of goals a player would score during the match.


Parlay bets are popular because they allow the players to place multiple bets in the same wager. Some players call them accumulators because they can put two or more bets into the same wager. Players enjoy parlay bets because every new bet added to the wager increases the player’s total cashout. The only challenge with Parlay is that the player would lose the entire Parlay if any of the bets fail. This means the player would lose their entire payout if only one game fails.

Sports punters in Quebec prefer to wager on live games and spend more time with in-game bets than the usual pre-game bets in most places. Betting options like Moneyline and Spread are not usually at the top of the player’s bet options for in-game bets since they usually focus on the winning team. Parlay is popular because it offers better odds than other bets. Still, Totals are easily the favourite in Quebec because players can place wagers on in-game activities like over/under the number of penalties, throws, and runs in each game.

Top-rated gambling companies for sport betting

Quebec and most regions in Canada have been enjoying sports betting services for several years. Still, they only had access to parlay bets until online bookmakers started offering single-game betting options. While these online bookmakers were illegal and unregulated in most parts of Canada, they became the guiding force for regulating single-game sports betting in Quebec and Canada as a whole. Before 2021, Mise-O-Jeu was the leading bookmaker in Quebec, but Loto-Quebec, the sports betting regulator in Quebec, has since given licenses to other bookmakers, including the following:

  • Bet365
  • BetVictor
  • WilliamHill
  • 888 Sports 
  • BetWay

Yes, Sports betting is currently legal in Quebec. The province has been enjoying sports betting activities since 1985 when most gambling activities became legal in Canada. But, like other regions in Canada, Quebec only had access to parlay bets until June 2021, when Canada passed the Bill on single-game betting—allowing the regions like Quebec to provide sports betting options like Money, Totals, and Spreads.

Who can bet on sports in Quebec?

Like most places with betting regulations, Quebec allows citizens 18 or older to place their bets in sportsbooks legally. This policy applies to sports betting in Quebec, as anyone up to 18 can wager in any sportsbook in the region. 

How to Get Started?

Before you start placing your sports bets in Quebec, players need to know that sportsbooks in the province are mostly online, but they can also place their bets in the land-based sportsbook, Mise-O-Jeu. Signing up with an online sportsbook is the easiest way to start placing sports bets in Quebec, and we have highlighted the necessary steps here:

  • Create an account with your preferred sports book.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions to ensure the sportsbook does not have impossible rules
  • Complete the basic registration and Verification process to start gambling.
  • Make your first deposit and start wagering on your preferred sport.

Responsible gambling

Most punters know that Quebec’s rich sports betting options often lead to problem gambling and other addictive gaming tendencies. Fortunately, Loto-Quebec provides quality, responsible gambling options to help players manage their gaming experience. The corporation uses effective measures like the popular A Game Should Remain A Game platform to pass information and offer helpful, responsible gaming tools to the Quebec sports betting and gambling population.

Drawback of Sports Betting In Quebec

While punters enjoy the Sports betting options in Quebec, there are some drawbacks to the exciting experience;

  • Mise-o-jeu has the monopoly on the in-site betting 
  • Parlay bet is still the most popular option in Quebec
  • Single-bet games are legal but have yet to come into full force in Quebec


As one of the regions that has been enjoying legal sports betting since the 1980s, Quebec offers some exciting benefits to its sports punters:

  • There are several online bookmakers in Quebec
  • Sports punters in Quebec enjoy betting promotions and registration bonuses
  • Online sportsbooks in Quebec allow their players to wager on international sports and competitions that are usually not available in Canada or North America.


The sports betting experience in Quebec is one of the richest in Canada, as punters have access to multiple betting options and several international and local sports options. The gaming experience in Quebec is also safe before Loto-Quebec places heavy restrictions on illegal bookmakers and sportsbooks.